EXIN Anywhere

EXIN Anywhere is the online exam service that
lets you save time and effort by not having to
travel to an exam center. You can sit your exam
at home, at the office or any other space where
you will not be disturbed.

EXIN Anywhere lets you take the exam for your certification online. This can be at home, in a meeting room at the office or in any other quiet space where else you feel comfortable. The only conditions are that you have an internet connection, a laptop that meets the requirements and that there is no one else in the room with you.

When you take your exam with EXIN Anywhere you can choose between video or live proctoring. In the case of video proctoring, a recording will be made to objectively judge your exam performance after you have taken it. With live proctoring, a proctor monitors you in real time whilst you take the exam.

Is my computer suitable for EXIN Anywhere?

Before you book your exam it is important to make sure that your computer configuration aligns with the EXIN Anywhere requirements. EXIN will chcek whether your webcam, microphone, and internet connection are adequate for taking an EXIN Anywhere exam. Take the configuration test to ensure it is possible to take your exam using your computer.

Video Exam Test Live Exam Test
How can I order my EXIN Anywhere exam?

You can order an EXIN Anywhere exam through your MyLogin or with the button ‘Book exam’ at the top of this page. If you book via the website you first need to create an EXIN account by filling in your personal details, after which you can order the exam of your choice.

How can I start my EXIN Anywhere exam?

Before you start the exam, make sure that you and your environment meet the EXIN Anywhere requirements. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Terms and Conditions
What happens after my EXIN Anywhere exam?

When you have finished the EXIN Anywhere exam, you can exit the exam by clicking on the End Exam button. Click on the Feedback button to see your Coaching Report. Your Coaching Report will also be available in your Candidate Portal.


What people say about EXIN Certifications:

After studying for my EXIN Agile Scrum Master certification and succesfully passing the exam, I managed to get a promotion to become Scrum Master of my team. The certification proved I had the knowledge and skills to take on the role! Thanks to EXIN, my career has a new lease of life.

Candidate / Scrum Master at XYZ Company

I decided to take the EXIN BCS SIAM Professional exam to further extend my knowledge of Service Integration and Management. It’s helped me succesfully implement SIAM in my organization and given my professional reputation a big boost!

Candidate / Project Manager at XYZ Company

With the arrival of the GDPR, my employer wanted to make sure my skills were up-to-date so that we were prepared. I took EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Foundation through EXIN Anywhere. It was really clear and easy to use! I received my results and my employer was pleased.

Candidate / IT Security Employee at XYZ Company


The EXIN support site features FAQs to answer the most common questions about taking, preparing for and after your exam. You can also get in touch direct via phone, e-mail or chat.

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